Sunday, 19 November 2017

Grandparents Mass

What a fantastic day.  The weather co-operated.  The students were amazing.  And our grandparents and friends were delightful! 

Luke and his granddad

Liam and his nan

Aidan and his mum Susie and his nan.

Bongani and his friend.

Noah and his sister were lucky enough to have to grandmas come to school!

Well done Hawker whanau!  It was lovely to see your grandparents come and visit all of your classes.

Chess Fever Has Gripped Room 2

Nyla's dad, Mr Fulo, came in to help get our class excited about playing chess.  

In fact it was been such a hit I have a hard time getting them to put the boards away!  

I hope the students have had some luck getting family at home to play.  Chess is a fantastic strategy game.  

There is a website called ChessKid.  It helps to break down the moves to become a more strategic player. 
So if chess isn't your thing, be sure to help your child by trying the website to improve their game.

Book Character Dress Up

 The Young Vinnies did another great job organising the mufti day again this year.  I have missed a few very creative costumes.  I am hoping someone has a photo of Noah.  He looked fab dressed in fur.
Nyla as Matilda

James as Harry Potter
Ysabella as Mary Poppins (Senior winner!)

Augie as The Joker

 Marian is Madeline
Emma Louise as George.  ( Famous Five)
(What happened to your long hair?)

Bongani as Brian (Hatchet)

Mrs Macashin and her daughter Jasmine 

Yevin as Geronimo Stilton

The Aquatic Centre comes to St Mary's

It was a lovely week to be in the pool.  The summer weather makes learning to swim a lot more fun!  Students are working in small groups with instructors on how to improve their swimming strokes and fitness.  How lucky are the students at St Mary's to have their very one pool?

Remember to ask your child what they have been learning and practicing.  Students will see a huge improvement in their swimming after two weeks of training.

Paper Airplanes Challenge

This week students had the opportunity to think about flight.  We described what things could fly and things that did not.  We had an activity where we had to group things that flew with things that could be airborne.  We had to justify why we put the items in each group and justify our decisions.  

To end the activity students got to do some online research and then build their own paper airplane to see what design flew the longest.

Ashton and Daksh won for the 'Best of Three' Competition. 
They designed planes that flew over 13m.

JP and Teina won the "All Out" Competition.
Wee included in air and distance on the floor gliding.  Their planes went nearly 18m.

Room 2 taking aim in the "All Out" Competition.

Notices Week 6 Term 4

I heard on the radio today just 36 days until Christmas!  That means there are just four weeks (20 days - 18 if you don't count the last day and the teacher only day next Monday!) left of school.
Remember to check the school newsletter (- get the app for your phone -) because there are lots of things on in the next four weeks.  The blog is replacing many of the notices we used to send home in the "good old days...".

We swim again EVERY DAY this week.  This will be our last week of swimming at school this year. Also Kapa Haka group will practice every day this week.

Tuesday: Inter -School Athletics.  JPC Open Day Year 6s - Parents to transport to JPC

Friday: Kapa Haka Ahurei

Note from the office:
There is a Christmas Tree up in the office foyer. This tree is the ‘Angel Tree’.  The following letter explains what the Angel Tree is all about.

To St Mary’s parents, caregivers and community,
Last year our church community supported ‘Angel Tree’ which is a branch of the ‘Prison Fellowship of New Zealand’ (PFNZ), a Christian charitable organisation that was founded over 40 years ago.  For  18 years PFNZ and angel tree have been making a difference at Christmas for children with a parent or grandparent in prison.  Last year nearly 4000 children benefitted nationwide, and our church community supported 42 of those children.  This year through our school community we are hoping to support 50 local Rotorua children.
This is how it works and how you can help.  By the end of this week a Christmas tree will be in the office foyer with 50 gift tags on it. On each tag is written a child’s name, age and a present suggestion from their caregivers.  Gifts are $25 each, please support angel tree by taking a tag and buying a present.  When you have bought the present bring it back to school UNWRAPPED and with the tag attached by Friday 8th December.
If you can’t get to the school office to pick up a tag, please text or phone me and a tag will be sent home in an envelope with your child. Angel tree would prefer that children didn’t select the tags to take them home.
Your support helps local Rotorua children receive a gift from their loved one at Christmas.
For any questions or to organise a tag to be sent home please phone Rachel Schuster on 0274461351
Thank you for your help and support,

The Rotorua Angel tree team
Notice from the Young Vinnie Group:
The Young Vinnies are also coordinating a ‘can drive’ and the cans will be given to the Vinnies food bank.
Tuesday 21st November:  JPC Orientation Day for Year 6s
Thursday 23rd November: Coaches Thank You Evening
Friday 24th November: Ahurei Performance
Monday 27 November: Teacher Only Day
Thursday 30 November:  ELL Picnic
Thursday 30 November: Totara Trip out
Thursday 30 November: Kakano and Manuka teams’ Celebration with parents
Friday 1st December: Year 6 Retreat (Church)
Saturday 2nd December: Rotorua Christmas Parade
Thursday 7th December: Junior Big Day Out
Friday 8th December: Reports issued to Yr 3-6 students
Friday 8th December: End of year Mass

Monday, 13 November 2017

Notices Term 4 Week 5

Welcome to week 5!

We swim ALL this week and next week. 

We have a special group coming in from the Aquatic Centre to teach us water safety.  If your child comes without togs we will provide togs.  ALL students must participate unless they have a written excuse.

Kapa Haka all this week.  

Thursday: Science Lesson
Friday: Mufti Day on Friday. Gold Coin Donation.
            Dress as your favourite book character!


Mrs Cato's class is going to Scion Friday.  Please dress in mufti.

The Young Vinnie's Group has decided to have a tinned food drive.  So please bring along a tin over the next week or so to help families in Rotorua.

Golden Time this week will be a water fight.  Students can bring a water gun or a squirt bottle or water balloons.

Teacher only day  Monday November 27th Week 7.

Please read the St MArys newsletter for an up to date list of school events.